Benefits of CBD

You’ve probably noticed that CBD is everywhere lately. Signs are displayed outside stores, ads are popping up online, and more and more products are being advertised. But what benefits can you expect from CBD? We’re here to tell you just that!

We are proud to create the only CBD-infused products made with the cleanest, purest, most vitamin-rich coconut oil on the planet. Our Skinny+ products are completely THC-free, so you won’t experience any mind-altering effects, and it is completely legal across the United States. Adding it to your diet or to your skin care routine can have many positive effects on your entire body!

Energy Enhancer – CBD also gives a boost of jitter-free energy. Adding it to your coffee or drink of choice during the day can increase your energy levels without the negative side-effects that accompany consuming caffeine. We offer Skinny+ Packets that are perfect to use on-the-go.

Daily Balance – Because CBD is known to help ease the difficulties of falling asleep, it can increase the amount of sleep time obtained nightly. One easy way to add CBD to your nightly routine is to rub our Mini Healing Balm to the bottoms of your feet before bed. The oil is absorbed into your skin within 30 seconds and will penetrate your cells so that you see fast results.

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