How is Skinny+ Different?

When it comes to CBD, one factor that is often overlooked when choosing a brand or product is the carrier oil used in the products. CBD is not easily-delivered to your cells naturally. On average, only 2-6% of the CBD in products is ever absorbed into the body. The carrier oil is the key to delivering the nutrients to your body.

Our patented process of extracting oil from coconuts maintains all of the valued benefits of the coconut. Infusing that oil with CBD to create our products allows up to 97% of the nutrients to be absorbed into the body! This is the highest rate of absorption on the market today, and allows us to create the most effective CBD products.

We source our premium broad-spectrum CBD from the largest grower/supplier of hemp-based CBD in the United States. It is 100% free of THC, making it legal and safe for everyone, and carries none of the side-effects associated with marijuana and THC.

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