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CBD and Exercise – A Winning Combination

CBD and exercise

From preparing yourself before your event to the recovery process after, our Skinny+ products are a must-have in any athlete’s medicine cabinet. Read on to see how our basic CBD-Infused coconut oil and our Healing Balm make every aspect of exercise easier on your body.  Smoothies are an efficient way for athletes to obtain needed […]

Benefits of CBD

Skinny+ Coconut Oil Infused with CBD

You’ve probably noticed that CBD is everywhere lately. Signs are displayed outside stores, ads are popping up online, and more and more products are being advertised. But what benefits can you expect from CBD? We’re here to tell you just that! We are proud to create the only CBD-infused products made with the cleanest, purest, most vitamin-rich […]

So you’ve got questions…

Skinny+ Coconut Oil Infused with CBD

When we entered the CBD market, we knew we would do it with full transparency. Our mission has consistently been to provide clean, pure, nontoxic products, and educate consumers about why that is important. With our new Skinny+ line, we have the opportunity to continue that mission with products infused with CBD. Here, we answer some […]

CBD – Everything You Need to Know

Skinny+ Coconut Oil Infused with CBD

If you’re reading this, you’ve noticed that CBD (cannabidiol) is popping up just about everywhere lately. From the food industry, to skin care products, to the pet care industry, CBD continues to gain popularity across many markets. However, several warnings have been given from the FDA to companies overstating the benefits of products containing CBD. […]