Premium CBD-Infused Products from
Skinny & Co.

We are proud to create the only CBD-infused products made with the cleanest, purest, most vitamin-rich coconut oil on the planet. Our Skinny+ products are completely THC-free, so you won’t experience any mind-altering effects, and it is completely legal across the United States. Adding it to your diet or to your skin care routine can have many positive effects on your entire body!

When we entered the CBD market, we knew we would do it with full transparency. Our mission has consistently been to provide clean, pure, nontoxic products, and educate consumers about why that is important. With our new Skinny+ line, we have the opportunity to continue that mission with products infused with CBD.

How is Skinny+ different from other CBD-infused products?

Here’s the big question, and the answer is simple. Skinny+ is THC-free – guaranteed. There is no THC in any of our products. None. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Because we know that THC is accumulated in the body over time, even a little bit (less than 0.3 is legal) in a product can lead to unwanted side-effects and appear on a drug screen. So, we are vigilant about testing every batch of products we manufacture to make sure there is no THC. You have our promise.

In addition, we use an extraction process that maintains the purity of the raw CBD oil, and adds no synthetic chemicals. Our CBD has never been heated over 205º, and does not lose any of its value. Other suppliers will distill the oil by heating above 300º and adding chemicals.