CBD and Exercise – A Winning Combination

CBD and exercise

From preparing yourself before your event to the recovery process after, our Skinny+ products are a must-have in any athlete’s medicine cabinet. Read on to see how our basic CBD-Infused coconut oil and our Healing Balm make every aspect of exercise easier on your body. 

Smoothies are an efficient way for athletes to obtain needed nourishment before or after working out. For added benefits, add a spoonful of our Skinny+ Coconut Oil infused with CBD to your smoothie! Consuming CBD-infused coconut oil before a race can increase focus and clarity, as well as release the tension and anxiety that sometimes accompanies adrenaline. If you prefer your smoothie after working out, Skinny+ Coconut Oil with CBD helps your body recover more quickly and reduces pain and inflammation throughout your body.

ur Skinny+ Healing Balm offers similar benefits as our Coconut Oil, but to more focused areas. Due to its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties, applying the Healing Balm directly to the affected areas before exercise can reduce the amount of pain you generally feel during exercise and keep the inflammation tolerable. Applying our Healing Balm after exercise will result in a noticeable relief of your pain and injuries almost immediately.

So, whether you nourish and treat your body pre-workout or post-workout, Skinny+ is on your side to help you achieve the results you desire!